In 2014, The Git-R-Done Foundation donated to Creighton University to purchase a 3D Printer and support it's work with low cost prosthetics.

Here's an update from Jorge Zuniga:

I just wanted to give you a little update regarding the development for the 3D printed prosthetic shoulder. Our team is currently developing an upgraded prosthetic arm to be interfaced with our shoulder mechanism. This new arm is still in the development phase, but we are very excited about it. It is an improved version, with a rotation system in the wrist, elbow and shoulder. We also incorporated in this design an internal cabling system. Finally, our team has added a more ergonomic design to improve the fitting and comfort of our device. Our 3D designer, Adam Carson, and our Hand Therapist, Jean Peck have been working over the Christmas break on improving the elbow and shoulder mechanisms. Without a doubt the more complex part will be the shoulder mechanism and the socket that will be in contact with the skin of our research participant. Development of this system will be the final step before applying the prosthesis to our first child. I’m confident that we will accomplish our ambitious agenda.

The 3D printer the Git-R-Done foundation donated to us is the largest on the market. It is so big that I may need to increase the size of the door in our lab or take the printer a part, so we can get it inside of our building!!!

Learn more about the work of the Git-R-Done Foundation HERE

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